The fully automatic Epson Discproducer PP-100 offers the highest quality inkjet disc printing and duplication at the press of a button. Whether you want just one disc, or one hundred, you’ll find it delivers reliable data burning and photo-realistic printing – quickly, efficiently and extremely cost-effectively.

Input/output capacity of up to 100 discs
6 colour Micro Piezo ink cartridges for photo quality printing
2 CD/DVD recorders
Offers ergonomic advantages of total front-operation
Prints up to 45 discs per hour
Small footprint
Backed up with Epson’s reputation for excellence

For many companies, the need to burn and print CDs and DVDs, either individually or in batches, is becoming increasingly important. Whether you’re an agency, a public organisation or an independent duplication service, you’ll find the Epson Discproducer™ PP-100 will save time, add flexibility, enhance security and reduce
process costs.

High-end print technology and robotics :
The quality of any system is a function of the technology inside it. As the only manufacturer
in the world that designs, develops and markets both inkjet printers and
industrial precision robots, Epson offers the perfect blend of expertise and experience
to set new standards in price-performance with products such as the Epson

With a solid and dust-proof body, the Epson Discproducer™ offers a long lifespan, superb reliability, intuitive operation and high economy, with an incredible print capacity of over 1,000 prints per set of ink cartridges.

Print quality:
The best print technology in its class! Using 6-colour Micro Piezo™ Technology,
coupled with WaterShield™ media from world-leader, Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. the Epson
Discproducer™ delivers vibrant, life-like and razor-sharp prints that are both smudgeproof
and water-resistant. Media from other manufacturers are also supported.

Cost effectiveness:
Because the Epson Discproducer™ uses a separate cartridge for each colour, you only need to change the cartridges that are near empty. The product also features patented AcuGrip™ robotics to ensure precision handling of CDs/DVDs and eliminate the possibility of damage. The result is an surprisingly low total cost of ownership.

The Epson Discproducer™ is as easy to use as an ordinary office printer. It is the
only system in its class that offers the ergonomic advantages of total front-operation and status reporting.

The Epson Discproducer™ has the ability to duplicate up to 100 CDs/DVDs in a single
cycle, and a production capability – depending on data type and volume – of up to 30 units per hour. As a small-run system, the Epson Discproducer™ will reliably deliver
high-quality results, year after year.

Reputation for excellence:
The Epson brand is associated across the world with quality and innovation, and the
company’s reputation for quality and support is second to none.

Individual or batch production :
If you need to burn and print an individual
disc, no problem – you can have it at the touch of a button. And if you want to print batches? Again, it’s simple – the Epson Discproducer™ has three trays for 50 discs, allowing up to 100
discs to be produced in one work cycle. It also has an additional drawer for up to 5 discs, so individual CD/DVD blanks can be conveniently removed without having to open the housing.

Compact all-in-one design :
With a housing that’s less than 40 cm wide, the Epson Discproducer™ is one of the smallest systems in its class. In fact, it’s the only system in its segment that offers the ergonomic advantages of being operated totally from the front. Its flat housing means you can stack two systems to save space, and – if required – the top can also be used as a handy storage surface, ideal for media and print cartridges.

Patented AcuGrip™ robotic arm :
Specially designed for the Epson Discproducer™ the AcuGrip™ mechanism ensures that the
robotic arm reliably grabs only one CD/
DVD blank - even if they’re stuck together.
This increases the life of the product and helps protect against the interruption of unsupervised production runs due to
mechanical blockage.
Three trays of 50 discs each allow fully automatic production runs up to 100.
An additional drawer allows the removal of individual discs.
This makes problems due to unreadable discs easy to resolve.
PP-100 systems can be stacked
to save valuable space.
Epson Disc producer specifications :

CD: 30 discs/hour, Epson specified CD-R
600 MB data volume, writing speed: Drive max speed: 40 x

DVD: 13 discs/hour, Epson specified DVD-R
3.8 GB data volume, writing speed: Drive max speed 12 x


External output: 1 – 5, 2 stackers & pick-up tray used

Standard mode: 1 – 50, 2 stackers used (autom.)

Batch mode: 1 – 100, 3 stackers used


Print speed: 45 discs/hour, bidirectional, (Fast mode) 30 discs/hour, bidirectional, (Fine mode)

Print head: Black ink 180 nozzles, Colour ink 180 nozzles x 5 colours

Print direction: Bidirectional or uni-directional

Print resolution: High-speed 1440 dpi x 720 dpi (Fast mode)

High-resolution 1440 dpi x 1440 dpi (Fine mode)


Ink type: Dye ink

Colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Light cyan, Light magenta, Black

Capacity: 1000 discs or more (Ø 45 – 116 mm, 16,7 % colour sharing, continuous printing, mode setting: Fine)


Standard setting for outside diameter: Ø 116 mm

Outside diameter setting range: Ø 70 – 119.4 mm

Standard setting for inside diameter: Ø 45 mm

Inside diameter setting range: Ø 18 – 50 mm

Guaranteed print area: Ø 45 – 116 mm


CD/DVD drives: 2 drives

Writing speed:
CD: Maximum 40 x
DVD-R, DVD+R: Maximum 12 x
DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL: Maximum 8 x


Size: Outside diameter: Ø 120 mm ± 0.3 mm
Inside diameter: Ø 15 mm + 0.1/-0 mm
Thickness: 1.2 mm + 0.3/-0.1 mm

Form: Supports common 12 cm (4.7 inch) discs
Does not support specially-shaped discs


Surface: Printable (high quality or glossy),
for glossy discs only Epson recommended is supported

Width 377mm, Depth 46 mm, Height 348mm (Excluding the AC cable and USB cable)

Approximately 24 Kg (52.9 lb), including the stackers and ink cartridge, excluding the
AC cable and discs


Total Disc Maker: Installed to the user’s PC to publish discs

Total Disc Monitor: Displays the status of JOBs and devices

Total Disc Setup: Installed to user’s PC to make settings of PP-100

TD Bridge System incorporation tool to use the with other companies’ application
Adjustment Tool for PP-100

USB Specifications Revision 2.0,
Transmission speed: 480 Mbps (High-speed Device)

Rated voltage: AC 100 V to AC 240, Frequency: 50 Hz to 60 Hz

CE Marking: EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, EN55022 Class B, EN61000-3-2, EN6000-3-3, EN55024
Low Voltage Directve 2006/95/EC, EN60950-1 (TÜV)

12 months (excl. CD/DVD drive),
CD/DVD drive: 6 months

Required IT environment :

Windows XP SP2 or later, Home/Professional,
Windows 2000 SP4 or later, Professional

CPU: Pentium 4, 1.4 GHz or higher, Memory: 512 Mbytes or larger

HDD: 10 Gbytes or larger, 7200 rpm or more

XGA or more, 65536 colors or more
Sound environment: A sound device and a supported driver must be installed
for music media

USB 2.0 (High-speed)

USB port: This product cannot be used in USB port of the PC equipped with some
ATI's chipset as follows: ATI’s Southbridge IXP (SB)460 or earlier

Individual published performance results may vary depending on processing capacity of PC

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